Magento is an e-commerce platform written in Zend PHP and MySQL databases, which is originally developed by the Varien Inc., a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California. It is available in both the open source and commercial licenses.

Magento has been the most stable framework to design and launch new websites with, as it serves the purpose of online shopping in the best manner with its smart innovations. This platform helps you to provide the quality and uninterrupted services of online shopping to the customers. Magento Management Services encourages you to achieve your business goals.

How is Magento the right tool for your company?

In today’s world, the competition among the companies is increasing day by day, developers opt the magneto platform to perform better. Let’s discuss some of the reasons (you need to focus on to relieve your confusion whether to go for magneto development services or not) which are as follows:

  • Magento has unique features such as navigation, grouped products, wish lists, product comparisons etc.
  • It can be compatible with any type of business. It may small, large and medium according to the budget and requirement.
  • It is a developer -friendly platform as with the help of magneto, one can easily link pages to main navigation and adding pages to the website.
  • It consists of options of around 50 payment gateway integration in an e-commerce website which can help the client to offer the multiple payment options to its customers.

As I told you earlier, it delivers the quality and uninterrupted services to the customers and smoothly fulfills their expectations. Magento also supports almost each language and the currency around the world. It is very easy to do order management with the help of magneto which includes everything from the creation, edit, generate invoices and also the RSS feed. Magento which is an open-source platform has immense potential to develop the business on the fast pace. I think these reasons will help you to understand the advantages of opting the Magento for your e-commerce website.

You are also considering about the other platforms except for Magento, YES!! , there exist some other programs also in the field of e-commerce. Let’s do a comparison between them also so that it will be easy for you guys to choose the Magento only. The following are the other platforms:

  • Shopify/Big-commerce/ Magento
  • Shopify-
  • Poor customization option
  • Insufficient template library
  • Restricted reporting option
  • Big-commerce-
  • Built-in templates are not inviting enough
  • Customization need more force than Shopify
  • Third-party app assistance is limited


  • The most superior and complete ecommerce platform
  • Extensive collection of templates
  • Huge custom options
  • High-Level reporting and inventory management
  • Third-party apps and plugins library

These are some of the points which can easily show that the Magento is far better than the big-commerce and the Shopify. So cling to the Magento without any dilemma.

The Magento ecommerce framework is very difficult to seize and it will take a lot of time to learn it. So try to find the best company providing the best Magneto management services.   However, if you engage us, we will bestow you exactly how experts and experienced we are in Magento development. We can ensure you that we will create the best solution for your business and you will be absolutely convinced with our services. We always know specifically which Magento extensions to apply in order to accomplish the task.

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