Cpanel is a Linux-based control panel used in web hosting that provides an automation tools and a  GUI to simplify the process of hosting a website.



It allows website owner to manage their websites from a web based interface for web hosting. It provides a graphical user interface from which  they can control their portion of unix server. It simplifies the access of website and always accessed on http port 2083. It also has some dedicated packages and auto installer for the content management system like wordpress.




Some of the popular features are the ability to manage databases, domain names, mail accounts, and back ups. Software like cpanel, makes it extremely easy for users to manage their hosting with little or no technical knowledge of web hosting on their own without breaking anything. In addition, it also have some application based support systems like  Apache Pg

Apache, PHP,  MySQL, Postgre, SQL, Perl, BIND (DNS). Email based support includes POP3, IMAP, and SMTP services. cPanel is accessed via https on port 2083.


VPS with cPanel Optimized

For website owners who have or are considering purchasing a VPS, cPanel has created a version just for you.


VPS on CPanel


Efficiently Run Your VPS

When website are running resource intensive applications, memory allocation and usage becomes critical to overall performance. The more server resources used, means the more likely a website or application will run slower. cPanel VPS Optimized is specifically made to take advantage of the smaller hosting environment that is normally found on a VPS. This ensures websites and applications run without interuption.

What Does VPS Optimized Mean For You?

When a VPS server is idle and there is little traffic, website users can navigate the website without causing a strain on the system. However, if there is a sudden increase in traffic, resource usage will start to climb. cPanel VPS Optimized was created to use as little of those resources as possible. That means more memory is devoted to your website so that there is no impact on your users experience.

Better Performance Without Any Loss

CPanel VPS Optimized maintains the same features and functionality as a regular CPanel installation on a shared or dedicated hosting account.

Note: This version of cPanel is only available on VPS servers. This is due to the inherent memory restrictions often found with VPS servers.



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